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Listed below are our most asked questions. If however, you have a query that’s not listed, please contact us directly using the details provided

What will I do with my locker key while I’m running? 2018-05-03T10:57:49+00:00

Each locker key is supplied on a silicone wrist band. It’s worn just like a watch so it won’t interfere with your race.

What happens if I lose my key? 2018-05-03T10:58:09+00:00

Just let us know. We have a spare key so you will always be reunited with your belongings

What size is the locker? 2018-05-28T14:27:56+00:00

The locker is 25cm wide, 21cm high and 45cm deep

I’m an event organiser. Is there a fee for inviting The Mobile Locker Room to my event? 2018-05-03T10:59:22+00:00

There is no fee to the organiser. 

How secure is the storage? 2018-05-03T11:46:25+00:00

You will receive a key for your locker so only you can access your belongings. The Mobile Locker Room is never left unattended, with our staff present for the entire event.

I booked a locker online but now I can’t attend the event. Can I cancel my booking? 2018-05-03T11:47:35+00:00

Yes.  Just send an email to info@themobilelockerroom.ie with the details of your booking and we will issue you a refund.